Sunday, March 4th 2012, 5pm - 7pm

Chapel Arts Centre - Bath - UK

As Above – So Below

with Thomas Sheridan

Admission £10 (Payable at the Door)

As an add-on event to the 2012 ARC Convention in Bath, Thomas Sheridan, the author of the ground-breaking book 'Puzzling People: the Labyrinth of the Psychopath', will be delivering a special and exclusive presentation on how we can survive the Battle of Armageddon already taking place in our consciousness by the psychopaths whom we meet in our personal lives and the ones who control our cultural and and social destiny using the predictable tactics of their all-evasive Psychopathic Control Grid.

In this presentation, Thomas will outline how psychopaths target us in our personal lives, using psychological manipulation and devious mind games to rob us of our sense of reality and sense of personal security – and how, scaled up to the global picture, this same form of psychological warfare is used on us with everything from politics to mass media. Thomas will then show us the way out of the Labyrinth of the Psychopath and move on to a more fulfilling and abundant life, secure in the knowledge that we now have a consciousness firewall built around our psyche which the psychopaths – from the on-line dating forums, social situations, workplace bullies and on to the ones in big business – can no longer penetrate.

We all know something is wrong with the world, and that some people we met in our lives are “not like other people we know...” Thomas Sheridan will demonstrate precisely what that issue is and how we can protect ourselves from the consciousness parasites of the Psychopathic Control Grid.


This presentation will take place on Sunday, 4th March from 5 til 7pm and will be free to all those who have already purchased an ARC ticket. To all others, tickets are £10. Prior booking is essential. To reserve your ticket (to be paid on the door), please send an email to with your ticket requirements. __________________________________________________________



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