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On a quest for truth, Karen interviewed 32 of the most brilliant and controversial minds of our time, including;

David Icke, Michael Tsarion, Ralph Ellis, Cleve Backster, Bruce Lipton, Paul Levy, Peter Taylor, Neil Hague, Michael Cremo, Ian R Crane, Mary Croft, Winston Shrout, Robert Menard, John Harris, Jonathan Goldman, Jerry E Smith, Alan Cantwell, Alan Wilson, Ellis C Taylor, Kevin P Miller, Daniel Tatman, Red Ice Creations, and many more...


“A potpouri of hope for all our futures. Please read this and sense the wonders of freedom.”

David Bellamy 

"What is genuine, what is a lie? What is real and what is false? In this remarkably incisive and honest work, the author, Karen Sawyer, in a series of fascinating interviews peels away the choking layers of disinformation, half truths and downright lies that have, almost since time began, been presented as absolute truth by those who choose to retain their grasp on power, and in some cases the nature of reality itself, by any means at their disposal.

     While the reader might have their own opinions regarding individual contributors, nevertheless each and every one of them have repeatedly spoken out fearlessly and accurately against the ‘big brother’ state and other groups who subvert our thoughts. This book encapsulates a range of alternative opinions with a shared theme, the very survival of the human race and the planet we live on. What is written here will entertain, shock, enrage and amaze in equal part, but ultimately it is a source of hope and I thoroughly recommend it to all who seek the truth." 

- Brian J Allan, paranormal investigator, researcher, and author of The Heretics, Can We Now Explain The Unexplainable.


“The most dangerous mind is one that thinks for itself. This is a book to inspire the type of bravery needed to do just that.”

~ David Southwell, Secrets & Lies and Conspiracy Files


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Just to let everyone know by way of informal announcement - the ARC is currently undergoing a complete overhaul... a new website is on its way to reflect these changes, with ALL the footage from the 4 ARC Conventions that have taken place so far edited and uploaded, including previously unseen footage and interviews in addition to speakers' presentations. These complete works will only be available via subscription. In this way, ARC will be self-sustaining and will finally be able to financially recompense those who put many hours and energy into bringing you the very best in authentic research, thus ensuring that the ARC will long continue to be the UK's favourite gathering for those exploring cutting-edge alternative science, history, philosophy, esoterica and spirituality.


Thank you for your patience and support,

Karen Sawyer